Great Things

I get the sentiment. It’s actually a pretty good one. Right? The idea of doing big things for the cause of Christ. The more people know His love, the better, right?

It makes sense that when we see popular Christian speakers, musicians, authors, and whatever else have you—when we see the success of the ministries they have been entrusted with, it’s inspiring. It makes us want to do the same, making as big a difference as possible.

But how many of us are really called to that? And are we sure we understand the concept of “big things for Christ”? It was a big thing that you met Him, right? And if just one person is impacted through you, that’s also pretty big.

See, we get so caught up in numbers and visibility, which are nice, but not everyone is called to see thousands of people follow Christ in a single day. The entire philosophy of Christianity is that the “weak” things are chosen by God to upset the strength of those who think they’re strong. It’s more important to have your soul than to trade it for the whole world. The greatest thing a person can do is to humbly become the lowest of servants.

Do we secretly not trust that God has a plan for us? Doesn’t God know the plans He has for us? Doesn’t He know how to bring fruit out of His children? Isn’t He a good Father? Are we discontent with the plans He has for us, that maybe aren’t as outwardly visible as others? Are we impatient with Him when we want to be at a certain place in life, but He’s walking us step by step toward our destination?

I promise. Whatever He has in store for you, big or small, will be worth it, and it will never be in vain. He chose you, and that is the greatest thing, above any statistic, any chart, any figure, any other reward.

He is the great thing we should be looking for.

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