Michael William Nichols is a musician from Bowling Green, KY about 30 minutes north of Nashville, TN.

Michael may currently be found playing punk rock for My Heart Lies and contemporary Christian music for 1Church Movement, directing music and media technology for Church at the Corner, and probably chugging coffee while writing about life and faith utilizing a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Theology at Grand Canyon University. In the works are books about how the American church has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and a biblical approach to keeping faith alive during the difficult process of deconstruction.

A writer since childhood, Michael has always recognized the value and power of words. As such, his weapon of choice is a pen or a computer keyboard as a lyricist, although he wields guitars and other instruments. He also works in the studio as a producer. Michael has experience as a live musician at venues from mom-and-pop coffee shops, to churches, to performing arts centers throughout Kentucky.

No matter how he wields his writing habits, to him it is all about connecting people with each other so they know they are not alone. Whether by a song or a blog post, whether people are positive or in pain, his desire is that people learn that there is something worth holding onto in the good times and bad.