I wonder if Eve felt insufficient when Satan told her that God was trying to hold her back from being like Him.

So much is a lie there.

If Christ is “the lamb slain from the foundation of the world,” if He “died for us… while we were yet sinners,” then that means the outcome of His death and resurrection would have occurred regardless of whether or not we fell. So that means that is we are to be “transformed” at the end of days to be like Him, then that means that, like the crucifixion, our transformation to be like Him was always in the plan.

It was never in the plan for us to be Him. It was always in the plan for us to become like Him (including His humility). He was never trying to hold us back. He was trying to get us to the same place without the burden of a knowledge we could not handle.

And though we are not sufficient to replace God, we are treasured by God. Some 2000 years ago, a radical Israelite (the Word that was God) proved that by humbling Himself and becoming obedient to the death we deserve as fallen creatures, and blew death up from the inside so that we could overcome it, too, thus fulfilling a transformation deeper into Christ’s image, a transformation that was always in the plan, regardless of the fall.

He was never trying to hold us back. He was always trying to pull us close.

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