Revisited: Identity Crisis [POLL]

There’s so much talk in our culture about this thing called “identity.” I see it in the media, in textbooks at school, hear about it in church [sometimes], friends talk about it. It’s everywhere, yet I feel like we don’t really stop to think about it beyond the fact that we all seem to have one like some unseen appendage.

I’ve been slowly gathering some thoughts and observations from my own life and experience, and I want YOUR opinions. What makes up your identity? What is an identity, anyway? Tell me! I want to know you! 🙂

In the mean time, you should probably know where this is coming from. Beyond the topic itself, almost a year ago I wrote an article called Identity Crisis about the subject and how I was dealing with it at the time. A year later, I’ve learned a lot from grappling with the question “Who am I?” and I want to share that with you. So vote, share the poll, and stay tuned!

CLICK TO READ: Identity Crisis

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