Some people believe in cause and effect. Others believe in free choice. Regardless of whether you believe in one, both, or neither, every event is preceded by another, right? I know society as we know it teaches us not to place blame or judge or make decisions based upon a sense of absolute morality, but […]

Three years ago, I experienced something I really wished I didn’t. Its echoes to this day deafen me sometimes. If you have read older posts of mine, you will eventually notice a sizable gap, or at least an extensive loss of frequency. Now, what in the world could have hurt so deeply to cause me […]

I’m no Josh Groban. Most of my life, I would never have dreamt of singing, playing music, or really doing anything with the liberal arts at all. I hated it. I hated all of it. I was always awkward. Sometimes I speak with a stutter, forget what I’m saying, forget what I’m thinking, forget what […]