The prophet Isaiah spoke about those who “wait upon the Lord.” Isaiah 40:31. In response to this, we are encouraged to start or continue waiting… Waiting… Waiting… Doesn’t feel good, does it? Imagine how a farmer feels when he raises a crop. When my grandfather was still living, he tended blackberry bushes. I don’t know […]

One of the most powerful bodily impulses is hunger. It should be, right? Without food, we go unnourished, and the body begins to wither and shut down. Sure, we can go with an empty stomach for a little while. God designed us to know we need food, but He also designed us to be able […]

Happy! 😀 Okay. Weird way to start. What did you think of? The over-played pop song? The Beatles? The ’70s? Okay. Now I’m being a little clichĂ©. If you watch daytime television—heck, if you have a Facebook account, odds are you see dozens of cliches on a daily basis. **These are some that you’ve probably […]

I can still remember a time when I had no internet. Strange. It’s hard to imagine a world without the web. Our first computer was bought when I was five years of age. It ran one of the earliest versions of Windows. I can’t remember if we even had a mouse for it. I was […]

Your life is going nowhere. You’re depressed. You’re ruled by feelings and expectations. You’re riddled with cravings for days. Your addictions are the shunt in your head, the thing that keeps you under, sedated, personality repressed, forgetting you’re depressed. This may seem all too familiar to you. You might know why, or you might not. […]

Preparedness is a difficult thing for me. I’m distractible, which leads to the disorganization of things that need to have been organized prior to a given moment. At the same time, because I don’t rigidly organize my world, I have much freedom to move with the current of life. That having been said, am I […]

The story about Jesus calling Peter out to walk with Him on the water is commonly used to tell people to trust God. That’s kind of the point, right? But how quickly do we gloss over what’s really going on there? What Peter experienced made absolutely no sense by human standards. We are heavier than […]

They say you get better as you get older. Wiser, kinder… Really, you just get er-er, though. You become more of what your heart desires. It’s like that song that becomes stuck in your head. Even though they say you can get it out by singing it or listening to it, most times, it just […]

Lately, I have a hard time waking up with my alarm. I ended up skipping my thyroid medication, making less-tasty coffee, and forgetting things on my way out the door—all of this simply to make it to work on time. It kills me that I do this to myself. I mean, this is insignificant stuff! […]