Once upon a time, I found Jesus. More accurately, He found me. After spending a really long time not knowing how much I need Him, I finally saw myself for who I was, and I called out to Him in response to His call to me. That was almost seven years ago. I had no […]

For some reason, Heaven has been on my mind lately. I couldn’t tell you exactly why. I could speculate. I mean, there are a lot of little details that are probably motivating me to think about it, but those aren’t really important. What I want to work out is what’s really happening. The world is full of […]

Okay, so when you guys read the title just now, did you feel the hint of “no one actually cares” that in my experience most people give when they say it? Good. I don’t mean “good because I’m a jerk and want to make you feel bad.” 😉 I mean “good because you will probably completely understand […]

Well, the campaign is officially OVER. In a matter of two [very] short months, we’ve raised $1,320 to fund our upcoming record Love And Fear. We didn’t hit our target, but it’s way more than I would have thought we would have raised. We’ve seen two interviews about the record and the campaign by two […]

What’s up, everyone! Friday night I was interviewed by radio host and old friend Gabe Ross on The Stir at Christian Family Radio 90.7 FM. It was a two-part interview, and before the second part, we got our first ever airplay of our first single “Find You In The Light,” currently available to backers only. […]

This year has been about purifying my motives. Actually, that has been the case for much longer. It has just become more obvious this year. If you have been following the blog over the past few months, you know what I’m talking about. If not, here’s what you missed: The Dream Walls Come Down The […]

Hey everyone! Thanks for your continued support of my new record Love And Fear! I was recently interviewed by my awesome friend Maggie Holman, also known as Instagrammer @shinejesus_. I was surprised and so grateful for the opportunity. She’s also an amazing devotional writer. So much of what she talks about has encouraged me on days I […]