I was a writer long before I came to WordPress. Since middle school, I’ve used Myspace, Facebook, and other services to publish articles and thoughts. That having been said, they weren’t the best, but who is at the beginning?

Recently, I’ve dismantled those sites and decided to move articles here, but with revisions. Not only was the writing itself rough, but I harbored a lot of bitterness at the time. It showed though my writing. Now, things are different. I won’t claim to not have issues and not struggle, but there is a new vitality that grace has given me. God has a habit of salvaging the best of people, and I’m no exception. It’s not His goal to erase us–no His goal is to refine us.

So every now and again I will bring back some of these old articles, revised and revitalized, with the same memories but new motives, a few new words and a new heart.

I was eighteen years old by the end of 2009. Everyone always makes a big deal about it. It’s sort of a cultural thing, and who can blame a guy for being a little excited? You gain the right to vote, join the military, and do plenty of other things legally, some of which are […]