Excuses — Part 3: Laying Down the Crutches

By the time the night was in full swing, I didn’t even want to leave the floor. Now, I wanted to make every excuse I could to stay there, to keep dancing. I didn’t want to stop. Why would I want to stop? At first, I was so uncomfortable, but it didn’t bother me so much.

People usually associate being uncomfortable with a bad ending. Change, however, isn’t always bad — oops! I forgot to ask: did you know that when you encounter something uncomfortable, you are bracing yourself for change? It’s true, I promise. You are bracing yourself for change. Does that always mean things are going to change? No. If something does change, is it always bad? Not even! I know how to dance now — well, a little, at least — and I made a friend!

By the way, after that night, I started pushing the envelope more. I started taking more risks, but good risks — the kind that you know will be worth it in the end… and I didn’t want it to end. I mean that. I didn’t really want that night to end, and I didn’t want to lose the new vitality I had found. At the time, I didn’t even consider it as an option. The unfortunate truth is that it is an option, but on the flip side, that means that I choose whether or not to give it up, and guess what! WHY SHOULD I?

We are tossed into life like groomsmen and bridesmaids on a massive, fast-paced dance floor, and why for a second should we not dance? Why shouldn’t we show them all what we’re made of? Why shouldn’t we say what’s on our minds, love without remorse, fight without despair? Why shouldn’t we get out of our beds, glance but once at the crutches we’ve collected, then RISE AND WALK? I can guarantee you that nothing worth chasing will be found sitting down but rather running rampant, enjoying life, living and breathing the promise of God, speaking hope to the hopeless, heart to the heartless, and that if anything is sitting down, making excuses for their misery and the misery of others, that a part of them is teeming with life, ready to burst...

… so give them an excuse. 🙂

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